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In this section we will collect frequently asked questions and give you our best possible answer.

Will the event be held in english language?

Yes! The whole event will be run in english to find a common ground for everyone.

Do I need to do anything else after buying the ticket?

You need to be registered on T3 ( AoS / 40K ) before buying the ticket and state your T3 nickname (or all the names if you are buying for a group) in your order. Only afterwards will your space be secure since all tickets are personalized. If you miss out on telling us who you are on T3 you will have until the next ticket phase starts to do so otherwise your ticket goes back on sale and you will be refunded. In Phase 3 you will have 2 weeks time.
The event will be run through BCP (Best Coast Pairings) so please also register there – use the same eMail address for both T3 and BCP.

Can your current Covid rules change?

Yes they can. We need to ensure that we are up to date and comply with hygiene regulations – at the moment there are none.

Can I do my own photos, videos and vlogs?

Yes! Always feel free.

hotel rooms

We can offer you a special deal at three hotels for Raccoon Rumble 2023. Each of you may book your rooms independently with the hotels, and by mentioning the keyword “Raccoon Rumble” you can access our offer. Be careful though: some of the offers have a deadline.


All information about the hotels can be found here: Hotels