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In this section we will collect frequently asked questions and give you our best possible answer.

Do I need to do anything else after buying the ticket?



Yes! Please register for the event on either T3 or
On T3 we will track the payment status and will be used for on site organization so joining the event is encouraged. Registration for will open on 29th of January and you will be permitted into the event once we confirmed your payment.
If you only register for one of them or use only one of them that is totally fine. We will manually put you into the other event.

Can I play every faction / battletome?



Only if that faction / battletome received an official FAQ. If not, you have to play with the previous battletome rules.

Do you have special rules?



Every dice that is “atilt” needs to be rerolled and every roll needs to be visible for the opponent.

Can your current Covid rules change?



Yes they can. We need to ensure that we are up to date and comply with hygiene regulations

Can I do my own photos, videos and vlogs?



Yes! Always feel free.

hotel rooms

Hello dear tournament participants and those who would like to become one!


The Rumble is getting closer and closer and today we have good news for all of you who haven’t decided or haven’t found a hotel yet.


As a participant of the Raccoon Rumble we can offer you a special contingent of rooms at the ibis budget Hotel in Kassel Lohfelden for a very reasonable price. The offer runs until September 06th.


Just write a mail to and tell them your name and “Games Island” and which room you want to have. The booking will be done for each guest separately.


The following rooms are available:


Standard 2P with bunk bed: 1,40m x 2m below and 1m x 2m above

Twin 2P with 2x 80x200m beds next to each other


The prices are the same for both rooms and look like this per night:


14.09.2022 88,20€

15.09.2022 88,20€

16.09.2022 88,20€

17.09.2022 81,90€

18.09.2022 75,60€



Hotel address:


ibis budget Kassel Lohfelden

Max-Planck Straße 12

34253 Lohfelden






If you have questions about the booking, please contact the hotel directly (mail see above). If you have questions about the tournament, please contact


See you in Kassel!

Your Raccoon Rumble Orga