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We consider the following principles to be essential for our event


  • Respect
  • Fair Play
  • Harmony
  • Kindness
  • Fun
House Rules


Please be aware that the rules from the new LRL + Tzeentch Box Set are not in play at this event.

Core Rules

Terrain Features

Change the rules for Inspiring terrain to the following:
Add 1 to the bravery characteristic of a unit, of which all models are within 1” of an Inspiring terrain feature.

Change the rules for Sinister terrain to the following:
Substract 1 from the bravery characteristic of a unit, of which all models are within 1” of an Sinister terrain feature.


Daughters Of Khaine

Change the rules for the Command Trait “Zealous Orator” to the following:
If this general issues the Rally command, you can return 1 slain model to the unit that receives the command for each 4+ instead of each 6, if the unit that receives the command has the DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE keyword.


Soulblight Gravelords

Q: Blood Knights ‘Riders of Ruin’ interaction with ‘Levitate’ Spell: Do they deal MWs on a 2+ every time they move over a unit? Or only when using this ability? Further, does the Levitate allow to deal MWs to units with 4 or more wounds?
A: Since the rule was written in AoS 2.0 without ‘Levitate’ in mind, they only do MWs when they use this ability.

Rules FAQ


Q: Can the same BONESPLITTERZ unit move twice using the “Tireless Trackers”- ability?
Can the same LUMINETH REALM-LORDS unit move twice with “Claim The Field”-ability?
A: No to both questions, each unit can only move once.


Q: How do spell ignore abilities interact with spells, which do not just have one single immediate effect but trigger more than one time? (Arcane Bolt = One Single immediate effect, Miasma Of Pestilence by Bloab Rotspawned = might trigger at the end of every phase)
A: At our event, when any spell is succesfully cast and not unbound, the unit, which is picked as the target of the spell, can roll its spell ignore once. If its successful, the spell has no effect. 
There will only be one chance to ignore a spell and that is on first impact. For example Overwhelming Dread gives a unit -1 to hit. You only roll once to ignore the spell on first impact and not each time you are making a hit roll. Same would apply for Miasma Of Pestilence.
Note: This is different for spells with a specific range like Purple Sun. Here you roll again if you enter the range of the Purple Sun again.


Q: Do units inside a garrison count as being ‘on the battlefield’ for rules purposes (General gaining a CP start of hero phase) and for the purpose of battle tactics?
A: Yes, they count as being ‘on the battlefield’.


Q: Can you control terrain and an objective with the same unit?
A: Yes.


Q: Do Expert Conquerors also count as 3 models when contesting a terrain piece?
A: Yes, they do.


Lumineth Realm-Lords
Q: Can a unit stay in Shining Company when joining a garrison?
A: No, they can not.

Q: Can you explain how the Loreseeker’s Lone Agent ability interacts with the Battleplan Head-On Collision, in which you cant control objective until the second battleround?
A: You can use the Loreeker’s Lone Agent ability to set him up within 6” of an objective. If you do that, you do not gain control of this objective, but your opponent can not gain control of that objective until the Loreseeker is slain or not within 6” of that objective anymore. So the first part of rule does not work, the second part does.


Sons Of Behemath
Q: Can a SoB unit contest a Proving Ground with their Mightier Makes Rightier rule?
A: No, they can not.


Cities Of Sigmar
Q: Can a Sorceress kill herself with her Blood Sacrifice ability?
A: Yes, she can.


Q: Can I use the Strike And Fade ability before models that have a “fight on death”-ability fight back?
A: No, you can not, first the “fight on death”-abilites will be resolved, after that you can use Strike and Fade.
Q: Can I complete the battle tactic “Harness The Spirit Paths” by not teleporting, but charging and then using Strike and Fade?
A: No, you can not. To complete the battle tactic, your unit must have teleported via the allegiance ability and THEN successfully charged.


Q: How does the Myrmourn Banshees Spell-Eaters ability interact with spells like Unleash Swarm Of Spites by the Sylvaneth Warsong Revenant?
A: If one more units are affected by Unleash Swarm Of Spites that are wholly within range of the Spell-Eaters ability, before you resolve any effects of the spell, you can use the Spell-Eaters ability to unbind the spell. You may only use the Spell-Eaters ability once, even though more than one unit is affected by the same spell.


Kharadron Overlords

Q: Models garrisoning a Kharadron Overlords Skyvessel do not count towards gaining control of an objective. Do they count as contesting an objective for any other purpose, e.g. battle tactics?
Do they count towards gaining control of a terrain feature?
A: No to both questions.

Q: If a Kharadron Overlords Skyvessel is chosen to be the unit for the Barak Zilfin ability ‘There’s always a breeze if you look for it’ and uses that to ‘Fly High’ are units with the ‘Hitchers’ ability able to hitch a lift when it does so? If they are able to hitch a lift, are units that did so able to make a normal move in the subsequent movement phase?
A: Yes, units can use their ‘Hitchers’ ability, but they can not move in subsequent movement phase.

Q: Are units garrisoned inside a Kharadron Overlords Skyvessel counted as within 3″ of an enemy unit for the ‘Unleash Hell’ command ability when that Skyvessel ends a charge move?
A: Yes, they are.

Our foremost priority is making this a weekend you will never forget! Together we will create wargaming memories that you will love to think back to
(at least until we meet again).

About us
After looking back on a long history of organizing national events we want to take the next step and bring AoS-Gaming in Europe to the next level. Together we set out to create the most amazing event that we could imagine – 200 people fighting for victory. What a blast!
But wait… who is this “we” you keep talking about you might ask – and rightfully so. First let me introduce Miniparadice. If you ever did some research on Age of Sigmar in the German speaking region of Europe you probably stumpled upon this name on YouTube (shame on you if you haven’t) and those of you who are active in the tournament scene here will know it for a long time as well. Miniparadice is a passionate tabletop club that set out a few years ago to spread this great hobby and bring the Age of Sigmar community together. The second vital part of this endeavour is well known amongst wargaming and trading card fanatics and is none other than Games Island. You have probably seen this name somewhere around the internet if you ever surfed on hobby related pages. There is just no way you haven’t.
From this friendship an idea was born and what you see here on this website is the result of it all. Hours over hours went into this project which will hopefully be the start of something amazing!


Don’t hesitate to ask. You can contact us via with any inquiry you might have.