Waiting list is starting!

We are stunned to announce that Raccoon Rumble 2023 is sold out completely! Thank you all for supporting us! 🥳

But not all hope for those of you who didn’t get a hold of a ticket is lost: we are starting the waiting list on Monday, April 17th at 4pm. You will be able to buy the tickets via the Games Island shop again. But keep in mind: this is a WAITING LIST SLOT, not an actual ticket. More info can be found on the sales page.

Ticket link AOS: https://games-island.eu/Raccoon-Rumble-2023-Ticket-Age-of-Sigmar
Ticket link 40k: https://games-island.eu/Raccoon-Rumble-2023-Ticket-Warhammer-40k

Thanks again for your trust and support.

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